Good on you for protesting the evil orange!

Shine on x
This is awesome guest book thank you.
Ashley Dawn Fisher(non-registered)
Monica you are AMAZING and I feel so lucky to call you a friend. Stay golden my sweet. Xoxo
Kristen Scheidly(non-registered)
I love the photos Monica! You have a great eye.
Prasad Pawaskar(non-registered)
Fantastic Photographs specially of chimpanzee. You are great visualizer.
Amanda Kaahanui(non-registered)
Love the Music on here!
josè luis mesa -sevilla- españa .-(non-registered)
en algunos momentos de la vida , encontrar fotos como las suyas , prestan una muy importante
ayuda para superarlos , muy agradecido .-
Maggie Kries(non-registered)
These photos are amazing! I love you, my sister. And, I am so proud to call you that.
Rasa Lila Perogi Avocado Quilty(non-registered)
Dear Monica,
I miss your smile. Take a photo of that already why don't ya.
But the photos you DO have are stunning. Just like you and your smile.
I miss you popping in and out of my Granada life.

I'll leave you with these words of Rumi:

Let the beauty we love be what we do.
Amanda Kaahanui(non-registered)
Yeah! Now I can live vicariously thru your eyes again! So glad to have a place to visit you, even when your worlds away! Love you girl!
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